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Many friends and family have wanted to see The Bump and hear about the pregnancy so far. Now that the morning sickness is behind us and I am safely in the second trimester, I can actually enjoy the pregnancy and document, document, document!!!

Up at the top of the blog, you will notice that we have a wonderful header called “Peanuts’ Progress,” which is where we will be updating pictures and information about The Bump week after week (with the exception of the weeks where I was too sick to crawl out of bed to take a picture).

Because I’m excited about this new section, I just want to show you the change in just a few weeks:

Week 5 - The Doyle Dispatch

At 5 Weeks Pregnant… still feeling good and very little of The Bump

Pregnancy Week 13 - Doyle Dispatch

At 13 Weeks Pregnant… The Bump is here, and I’ve given up on straightening the hair.

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