Customer No Service

My phone conversation with the online pharmacy:

Me: Hi! I need to change my prescription to another pharmacy because my insurance doesn’t cover you.
Lady 1: Ok. What’s your name?
Me: Dory Doyle. D-o-r-y D-o-y-l-e.
Lady 1: Birthdate?
Me: *I give it*
Lady 1: Oh, you aren’t in the system.
Me: I know I’m in the system because I had 2 filled with you before. Can you check again.
Lady 1: You’re not in the system.
Me: Can you check with my name instead of birthday?
Lady 1: Sure, but it won’t work.
*She checks. It works*
Lady 1: What can I help you with?
Me: I need to change my prescription from you to another pharmacy. They need you to fax the information over to them. I have their fax number already.
Lady 1: What is the prescription?
Me: *I give it*
Lady 1: Ok, but the office is closed. Let me transfer you to the number where you can leave a message.
Me: Ok! Thank you!
*Lady 1 transfers me, but the line goes dead. Arg!*

*I call back and get put on hold. Patience is wearing thin.*

Me: Hi! I need to change my prescription to another pharmacy because my insurance doesn’t cover you. I was just transferred to a phone number but the line went dead.
Lady 2: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. What is your birthday?
Me: I will give it to you, but the last lady couldn’t find it through my birthday. Can I give you my name instead?
Lady 2: You don’t have a birthday?
Me: No, she just had trouble finding it that way. My name is Dory Doyle. D-o-r-y D-o-y-l-e.
Lady 2: I need your birthday.
Me: Ok, *I give it*
Lady 2: Here it is. You’re Dory Doyle.
Me: Yes.
Lady 2: What can I help you with?
Me: I just need to be forwarded to the voicemail so I can leave instructions so you can forward a prescription to another pharmacy.
Lady 2: I’m looking at your order, and we already called it to the other pharmacy.
Me: No, you called in a different prescription. That was ABC. This is for XYZ.
Lady 2: Oh, I don’t see that one.
Me: Well, here’s the Rx number…
Lady 2: Oh, there it is.
Me: Can I just have the phone number.
Lady 2: *Gives me a phone number.*
**I look at my notes and realize that it is the same number as the fax that I need them to send the Rx to.**
Me: No, this is the fax number for the other pharmacy. I already know that one. I need YOUR phone number so that I can leave a message with your pharmacist for the transfer.
Lady 2: Ok. Here’s the phone number.
*Gives me the wrong number again*
Me: No, that’s not it. Can I speak to someone else?
Lady 2: Sure. *Puts me on hold*


Lady 2: Hello? Are you ready for the phone number?
Me: No. I would like to speak to someone else.
Lady 2: Ok. *Puts me on hold*


Lady 3: Hello?
Me: Hi. Here’s the deal. I need to transfer a prescription. I have the new pharmacy’s fax number. I need to leave a message to let your pharmacist know that I need to change it over. I’m a teacher. I can’t talk during the day. I need them to just do this. Can I leave a message and they follow the directions? Do they need to confirm with me?
Lady 3: Oh, sure! That should be no problem! You need to talk to Kelly at PHONE NUMBER EXT. 123.
Me: Thank you! I appreciate your help.

Now, was that really THAT difficult?

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