Weekend in Review

We hardly ever end up staying at home during a weekend. So, when we do, typically it is a very relaxing weekend. This one didn’t disappoint. It was just what we needed!

So, did we get anything accomplished? Absolutely! Here are some of the highlights:

1. Some blog posts that will be coming at you later on in the week.

2. Making a menu board which will be featured in an upcoming post.


It’s not finished yet!

3. Finishing making (and mailing) a necklace for a dear friend (which will also be featured in an upcoming post).


4. Making and sending a special birthday present for that dear friend’s son.


I’m keeping the actual birthday present a surprise until they get it!

5. Sending off some vinyls for some customers.

6. Getting my first Origami Owl necklace! Of course, I will have a post about it.


7. Cleaning the house.

8. Relaxing with the pup and kitty.


Yes, that is the Toby the Cat underneath the dreaded housecoat.

9. Lululemon shopping with my sister(-in-law)!


10. Dinner at a local Italian/Greek restaurant.



11. Dessert at Mix It!



12. Waking up to this adorable (and shocking) setting.


I love my lovebugs. I especially love when they love each other!

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