Thankful November: Day 17-19

Yes, we are a few more days behind. So much has happened!

Day 17: Hokie Football and winning! FINALLY we have won a game! What should have been a top 25 season has made us wonder if we will be bowl eligible. At least we are almost there. One more win needed… Against UVA.

Day 18: Neighbors. Tim and our next door neighbor spent the whole day blowing, raking, and taking leaves to the dump. They were able to clean up from 25 oak trees, and the trees still have half their leaves. They will do it again next weekend and hang Christmas lights! Our neighbors are the best and so kind with their time. We are so lucky to have them in our lives.

Day 19: My students. We had a very successful trip to Jamestown with 120 4th graders. would say that this was probably the best behaved group that I took on this field trip in 3 years! Woohoo!

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