Bathroom Passes

You are going to see many back-to-school crafts as I’m getting ready for my 4th graders to come back to school. I’m a little excited about this particular project. It took 3 sheets of duct tape and just about 15 minutes.

The idea is that when a student goes to the bathroom, they will put the pass on their desk. When they get back, they will get a squirt of hand sanitizer. Do you think they will work with my Peanuts-themed classroom?


So cute, right?

I linked this little DIY to another 4th grade teacher’s site:

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  1. Kelly Buckle says:

    love it! might steal it 🙂
    hey! do your fourth graders want fourth grade pen pals in nj? let me know…could be fun 🙂

  2. Super cute!! I wanna be a 4th grader in your class!!!

    • Thanks, Crystal! We have fun in my room! I’m excited about the extra touches I’ve added this year. Stay tuned for more pictures!

  3. love them! i think i’m going to steal that idea from you! can’t wait to see you!!

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