My Caftan Redo

Two weeks ago, I made this caftan.

It was incredibly easy to make, but I really, REALLY did not like it on me. My mom called it a moo-moo. I have to agree. It looks amazing on some people, but not on me.



So, today I decided to cut it up and make it wearable. I first set it out on my floor. I then measured out where I wanted the waist to be, and I cut it apart.



I also trimmed up the torso sides.




I then took the skirt portion and created the pleated skirt like I made on my pink striped skirt. I pinned and sewed it to the elastic band.




Then I took the top and pinned and sewed it to the elastic band as well. I had to have a few pleats, as it wasn’t totally fitted. Note: If I were to do this again, I would make the top completely fitted. It looks a little messy with the top AND bottom pleated.





I also had to sew up the sides of the top.



The final step was reworking the arm holes. I marked where I wanted them to be, and I hemmed it up.

The finishing touch was my new, black, chunky, elastic belt. It is exactly like my tan one from Anthropologie (expensive!!!), but it was from Stein Mart and just $10!!!!!

I have to say, I love this look so much more! This is actually a dress that I can wear now!


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