Oh, What a Beautiful Day!

The Doyle Family is on a mission. We are determined to get fit! This entire week, we have gone on a walk (sometimes multiple) each evening, and we have been eating much healthier. In order to sustain this goal, we even invested in another leash for Lucy. So now, we have the old red tree tie (which we haven’t used since we got a fence), the VT leash (go Hokies!), the thin black leash (my favorite), the thick black leash (that hurts your hands when Lu pulls), the long lead for swimming in ponds and the lake (gross!), and the retractable leash (my possibly-new-favorite).

Some people say that our dog is spoiled. I like to think that we are just well prepared in case Petsmart, Petco, Walmart, Target, and all other pet supply stores go out of business.

The weather has been so absolutely perfect that we have been taking later walks (thank you Daylight Savings Time) in the cool evenings. Today, I had a long (but awesome) day at a conference and Tim was up early, so neither of us really wanted to go on a walk. Lucy, however, had a different idea. She stood by the front door, tried to get the leash off of the table, and batted her nose at our keys. Lulu was ready to walk, and she told us in any way possible! We ignored her for 1 minute before we gave in. It was worth it!

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