Pictures of the February Storm

Now that it’s March and the weather has turned a bit warm, it is a little bit easier to think of the massive storms that we had this winter.  Specifically, the February storm in Charlottesville was really beautiful! We’ve already posted some pictures of us playing in it. Here are some pictures from around C’ville:

The sun was trying to shine through the clouds after about 24 hours:

By the 3rd snow storm, the trees were so weak that all they needed was some more snow and the branches were snapping all over the place.

Just look at the trees in the background. As far as I know, they are still standing.

This tree branch hit our car as we were going under it. Usually we have about 3 feet of clearance.

One tree. Lots of snow.

Another shot of the igloo from the earlier post.

Looking out from my childhood bedroom. That is a lot of snow from our roof.

The icicles:

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