A Spring-Filled DIY Mother’s Day Present

Although I made these last year, I wanted to show them off as a great present for the moms in your life. This would also be a great teacher appreciation gift! These were for Tim and my mom for Mother’s Day, which is why you will see two of them.


1 basket or bucket for planting
floral foam (wet or dry is fine) or styrofoam
floral lei (bracelet or necklace size)
floral wire
assorted seeds
decorative garden spike


1. Inset the floral foam in the bucket. It does not need to fill the whole area.

Mother's Day Seed Gift - DoyleDispatch.com

In fact, it can even stick up over top the bucket.

Mother's Day Seed Gift - DoyleDispatch.com


2. Place the floral lei over the top to cover up the foam.

Mother's Day Seed Gift - DoyleDispatch.com


3. Fold down the floral wire to make the clip to hold the seeds at various heights.

4. Insert the wire into the foam and the seeds into the wire. Add the spike to it as well.

Mother's Day Seed Gift - DoyleDispatch.com


Mother's Day Seed Gift - DoyleDispatch.com


5. Attach the note.

Mother's Day Seed Gift - DoyleDispatch.com


6. All done!


Mother's Day Seed Gift - DoyleDispatch.com

Adventures in Cloth Diapering: Washing Disposable Diapers

Adventures in Cloth Diapering- Washing Disposables

Ok, I’m actually shocked that this is the first time that we have washed a disposable diaper. But it’s gross. And everywhere. And it was a poopy diaper too. Ick. Here’s what happened…

We use our big diaper pail to keep the dirty cloth diapers and the kids’ clothes, and we wash them all each night. We put the poop, disposable wipes, and disposable diapers in a separate bin to throw away each day. Well, this week I was a little tired, and I threw away one of the disposable diapers that I used on David (he had a rash that needed to be treated with some products that can’t be used with the cloth diapers). I didn’t realize my mistake until after we ran through the diapers and clothes in the wash.

At 11:30 PM, Tim went to move the diapers into the dryer, and I heard a loud sigh and groan. I walked over to Tim and the washer, to find him with a handful of jelly pellets. I immediately knew what had happened. That’s from inside the disposable diaper. Ugh!

We quickly went to work. I started scooping out the jelly pellets and other dirt and grime (did I mention that that diaper was a poopy diaper too?) from our front-loading washer and Tim researched how to remedy the situation. That jelly substance was ALL OVER the cloth diapers, cloth wipes, and clothes. Here’s what our research told us to do:

  1. Clean the solid substance as much as you can out of the washer.
  2. Run it through the rinse cycle 2 times with nothing in it (no items and no soap).
  3. Run it through 1 bleach cycle to clean it.
  4. Run your washer as normal.
  5. Try to shake off as much of the jelly on the clothes as possible.
  6. Put the clothes in the dryer. The lint trap will catch most of the dried residue.
  7. Once the washer is clean, run the clothes through the washer and dryer again.
  8. You may have to strip your cloth diapers.

This happened last week. I am happy to report that after doing this cleaning, all diapers are good to go and we haven’t had any problems since!

Fitted Tablecloth Tutorial


Last week, I created a fitted tablecloth for our kitchen table, and I love it! I was so tired of constantly scrubbing the table to get the the food off of it, and this makes it so much easier. It was really quite simple as well.

For the cloth, we have a few different ones (oil cloth, cotton, lined vinyl), but the important thing is to get something that is wide enough and washable.


  • Fabric that is 6 inches wider and longer than your table (ex: if you table is a 36″ circle, you would get the width and length to each be 42″)
  • 1/4 inch elastic (enough to go around the perimeter, though you won’t use that much of it).
  • a sewing machine


1. Turn your cloth upside down on your table and trace around the edge with a pencil.

Fitted Tablecloth Outline

2. Cut the material with a 3″ border past the pencil mark. I used my pinking shears for an easier cut so I didn’t have to serge or hem anything yet.

Fitted Tablecloth Stretching Elastic

3. Using a zigzag stitch, pull the elastic tight with one hand and feed through the machine close to the border with the other hand. This will give a nice tight fit.

Fitted Tablecloth Finished Elastic

4. Fit around your table and enjoy your protected tablecloth!

My Daily Protocol for “Seasonal Discomfort”

Daily Protocol for Seasonal Discomforts

Years ago, I was diagnosed with severe environmental allergies. I was miserable: nausea, stomach pains, blurry vision, headaches, pressure every spring and fall. Miserable.

NingXia Red

This is the first season that I have been able to use my Young Living oils to help my symptoms, and I love my daily protocol:

  • Capsule swallowed with water: 1 drop each of Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Copaiba, and Idaho Balsam Fir
  • 1-2 oz: NingXia Red
  • 1-2 sprays in each nostril: homemade Lavender, Frankincense, Copaiba nose spray

Daily Nose Spray

On severe days, I will add in the following:

  • Roller bottle: Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint applied to the neck, behind the ears, and sometimes the temples
  • Applied to sinus areas: RC neat or diluted

RC - Healthier Oil the Thyme

I am thrilled with how I feel thanks to these natural options!

The ideas found in this post are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. This is simply the protocol that I use regularly to maintain a chemical-free lifestyle. If you are interested in learning more about Young Living Essential Oils or would like to purchase individual oils, the kit, or start your own Young Living business, please check out my Healthier Oil the Thyme website and email me at healthieroilthethyme *at* gmail.com.

Zyto Compass

I will admit that I am a bit of a skeptic. It took me some time initially to believe in the “powers” of essential oils, but after being willing to just go for it and try them, I have been amazed at the results for our family. I am now a “believer.”

But this Zyto Compass? Now that was something that I was extremely skeptical about. I mean, you put your hand on a device and it tells you what your body needs? Ridiculous! Total gimmick, right? But then as I started talking to more members of my team (including people who wouldn’t make a dime off of me buying anything), I began hearing more and more about the Zyto. I was intrigued, but still very skeptical.

The Nervous System (An Information Super-Highway)

The following is written by Elise Hernandez, a member of our YL team:

The nervous system is the equivalent of an electrical system. It’s an information superhighway. Everything is connected! The “wires” are the neurological pathways that electricity (energy) travels through. The nerve pathways all branch out from the spinal column and travel through every organ in the body and all end in the extremities (hence nerve-endings). When you stimulate the nerve endings, it sends an electrical signal along the pathways, running through the organs and creating a reaction. The reaction is an increase in blood volume, circulation, oxygenation, etc. When you have increased blood flow and oxygen, healthy cells can regenerate and facilitate healing. There are several universities studying reflexology. They have found through MRI’s, that when you apply acupressure to the reflex points on the feet, the corresponding organs have a marked increase in blood flow. This happens in seconds. That is how fast electricity/energy travels through the body. The more blockages someone has, the lower their frequency, the more sick they are, the slower the response. Hence, a longer time to heal.

This is why we apply oils to the feet; you are activating all of those nerve endings and the electrical signal (or energy) of the oil travels along the pathways creating a positive reaction. We also have these nerve endings in our hands and ears. This is why I believe in Biblical times, the priests would anoint people on the head, ears, hands and feet.

What is the Zyto Compass?

All About Zyto Scans

The Zyto measures the electrical currents in the body. The Zyto takes the frequency of the oil and enter it into the body, the signal runs through the spinal column and brain and a reaction occurs. It can be positive or negative. If a positive reaction takes place, then we know that the oil is one that we need. If negative, it could be we don’t need it or our body doesn’t like it.

The Zyto works similarly to a lie detector test. The Zyto measures the body’s electrical pulses, and shows where there are blocks in the body. Where there are blocks the machine will show which oils are best to address what is going on. It is shockingly accurate!

The “China Study” is lengthy research but worth a read:

How Does the Zyto Compass Work?

These are some great references to learn more about the Zyto:

My Experience

I was able to rent a Zyto Compass from my mentor for the month of April (yes, I still have it right now if anyone wants to try it). So, of course the day that I got it, I tried it out on myself. This was after 8+ months of using YL oils and products. I turned on the computer, powered up the Zyto software, plugged in the hand cradle, and it started doing my scan. While I was getting scanned, I watched a short video about the Zyto and how it works.

After about 5 minutes, I had my results.

It showed that I had 25 biomarkers out of range. Two of the products that would benefit me would be nutritional supplements (True Source and Master Formula HERS). This made sense to me because I definitely don’t eat enough fruits and veggies (it’s hard when your kids want to eat whatever you are eating and take it out of your hands). The next item that my body needed was Aroma Life which would help with my energy level. The final one was Peace & Calming, to help relax and invoke feelings of… well… peace and calming. Um, totally spot on for a stay-at-home-mom and one that is trying to grow her business.

One thing that was interesting with the results is that it also tells you how many biomarkers would be brought back into alignment by using a particular product. That way, you can rank the importance of using certain items. Very interesting!

Tim’s Experience

Tim, who is even more skeptical than I am also tried it the day it came in. He had been working on some important projects for his job, so he was tired, hadn’t been able to exercise in a few days, and a little stressed. The results came in, and he had 32 biomarkers out of range, but the products that it suggested for him were even more interesting: Aroma Siez, Wolfberry Crisp, Allerzyme, Rosemary EO, Myrrh, Stress Away, and Surrender. We found that these really fit a theme for Tim: aches/pains/allover body support and centering/stress relief. Because of what he is going through right now, I really do think that this is spot on!

Getting Scanned

During the month of April, I will have the Zyto available for anyone local-to-Virginia to get scanned. You don’t have to be a YL member to try it either! Contact me if you are interested or want to learn more!

Zyto Scans


The ideas found in this post are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. This is simply the protocol that I use regularly to maintain a chemical-free lifestyle. If you are interested in learning more about Young Living Essential Oils or would like to purchase individual oils, the kit, or start your own Young Living business, please check out my Healthier Oil the Thyme website and email me at healthieroilthethyme *at* gmail.com.

A Day in the Life of Our Oily Family

A Day in the Life of an Oily Family - Doyle

My day starts off at about 7 AM to my twins starting to giggle in the nursery. As much as I don’t want to, I crawl out of bed and hop in the shower while my husband takes Audrey and David downstairs to play. I have started converting my cosmetics to natural options, and I love that I am using my own homemade shampoo (semi no-poo) with LAVENDER and ROSEMARY. When I get out of the shower and finish blow-drying my hair, I quickly apply my body butter, brush my teeth with my THIEVES AROMABRIGHT TOOTHPASTE, get dressed, and I’m good to go relieve my husband.

Semi No Poo

Along with my breakfast “shot” of NINGXIA (1 oz straight from the fridge or with my breakfast smoothie), I fix my water-and-CITRUS FRESH (or TANGERINE, LEMON, GRAPEFRUIT, or LIME… depending on my mood) and the rest of my breakfast. Before letting my twins eat their breakfast, I clean their highchairs with my THIEVES HOUSEHOLD CLEANER spray. I love that they can help me clean, and it doesn’t matter if their hands get covered in the cleaner! No chemicals!

#22 Thieves Cleaner

As we play, I realize that they are starting to irritate each other a little bit, so I turn on our HOME DIFFUSER and fill it with 4 drops of PEACE & CALMING. I love the way our playroom smells, and the twins almost immediately back off of each other and calmly continue playing.

When it’s time for naps, I change diapers, spraying and wiping their bottoms with a mixture of witch hazel (1 oz), 5 drops of lavender, and 3 oz of water. I also apply a swipe of our THIEVES roller to the bottom of their feet so that they can fight off the sicknesses that are all around right now. I then take them upstairs, where I apply my Sleepy Time mixture (LAVENDER and FRANKINCENSE) to their jawlines to help with the teething pain they’ve experienced lately. I then kiss them “goodnight,” turn on the humidifier, and leave the room.

Germ-Away Roller

Once I am “off duty,” I apply some of my DEEP RELIEF to my back, as I’ve been having some back pain. I also take a capsule of FRANKINCENSE, IDAHO BALSAM FIR, and COPAIBA to help with the inflammation from a sprained ankle.

When the twins wake back up, we have lunch (after cleaning with the THIEVES CLEANING SPRAY again), and we play some more. If we have to run to the store, I make sure to have my THIEVES SPRAY with me so I can clean the cart. As soon as I get back to the car, I put the THIEVES HAND PURIFIER on all of our hands.

#23 Thieves Line

As we get ready to go to sleep, we set up the twins’ HOME DIFFUSER with RC to help with their stuffiness or the LAVENDER/CEDARWOOD/CITRUS FRESH combo if they are totally healthy. If they act like they will need a little extra help falling or staying asleep, we add one drop of VETIVER to the mix. They get a roll of the THIEVES mix on each foot, LAVENDER Body Butter on their dry skin patches, and the Bedtime Rub on their chests and backs.

Bedtime Rub

Once the twins have settled and fallen asleep, we do a quick cleaning of the playroom, spraying any stinky spots with our PURIFICATION mix. If our dog Lucy is a little stinky, she gets squirted with the PURIFICATION mix too with a paper towel wipe down. As we start getting ready for bed, our cat Toby decides to start acting up, so I put a drop of PEACE & CALMING in my hands, rub them together, let him smell my hands for a moment, and then rub them along his back. Within minutes, he has settled back onto our bed and is ready to behave.

As a part of my bedtime routine, I use my nasal spray with LAVENDER and FRANKINCENSE, and if I’m feeling really congested, I will use my roller with LEMON, LAVENDER, and PEPPERMINT (the Allergy Trio). As my mind races, I spray my LAVENDER bedtime spray on my pillow, close my eyes, and practice my breathing until I fall asleep (in for 4, hold for 7, out of 8).

Lavender Pillow Spray

The ideas found in this post are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. This is simply the protocol that I use regularly to maintain a chemical-free lifestyle. If you are interested in learning more about Young Living Essential Oils or would like to purchase individual oils, the kit, or start your own Young Living business, please check out my Healthier Oil the Thyme website and email me at healthieroilthethyme *at* gmail.com.

Little Squeeze Me Reusable Pouch Review and Giveaway

Little Squeeze Me Pouch Display

Although we are not exclusively feeding pureed food with Audrey and David (16 months), every now and then we just have to get extra calories in them (picky toddlers can equal little food eaten). Often the fastest way is through those organic pouches with the twist-off spouts.

When the twins were younger and just starting on solid food, we made our own baby food and put them in pouches. We found, however, that the twins couldn’t actually handle sucking and squeezing the pouches themselves (unless we wanted to regularly clean up a huge mess). It was easier for us just to make little frozen cubes of pureed food and defrost as needed. This was much less wasteful with the food itself and also with less plastic waste (since those pouches were one-use only). We happily found new homes for our Infantino Squeeze Station and Kiinde Foodii and just went with ice cube trays with a lid and stored them in sealable containers. So. Much. Easier.

Now that the twins are older, however, we have circled back to using those pouches as needed for extra nutrition. I love that David will often eat the contents of a pouch (or 2 or 3) when he doesn’t want ANYTHING else to eat. But after going through pouch after pouch, I felt really guilty over the amount of trash we were creating and also how expensive those pouches were. I wanted a way to go back and make my own pouches, but I needed something that was easier to put the liquid into the pouch.

Little Squeeze Me Pouch Info

So when I got the opportunity to try out the Little Squeeze Me pouches, I was thrilled! With a zip-tight top and reusable design, I was thrilled that I might have found the answer to the DIY baby food issue. Here is what they say about their pouches:

•The only self standing pouch when filled that features a clear fill line with measurement markings on the back

•Holds up to 6 fluid ounces

•Our Little Squeeze Me pouch is very durable and is made with the highest quality materials available. Leak free and easy to fill with extra strength Double Zippered pouches. No filling station needed! Just pour or spoon in through the wide top zipper opening

•DIY Homemade Snacks Using Fresh Organic Pureed Fruits, Applesauce and Yogurt. Great for an adults portioned meals, after work out protein shakes and work lunch

•Easy to clean with an easy to see clear bottom, dishwasher and freezer safe. Excellent for freezing meals and snacks in advance!

•Go Green and Save Money! Tired of throwing away so many baby food pouches? These big reusable pouches are earth friendly and is BPA, Phthalate, PVC and Lead Free. For every purchase, 2 foundations will each receive $1 to support MOMS and BABIES. Original price $35 and currently selling for $14.97 on Amazon

So what do I actually think? In order to try something new, I wanted to do a video review of this reusable pouch. I hope you enjoy it!

EDIT: I tried to clean the pouches from our pumpkin, and it was difficult to get it all the way cleaned. With a good brush, you can get to the corners, but just make sure you have cleaned it thoroughly (and dried it) before using it again.

If you would like to purchase the Little Squeeze Me pouches for 20%, you can order them through the www.jesentials.com with promo code ESM3CRW7. In addition, one lucky reader will get the chance to try out their own set of Little Squeeze Me pouches. You can use the Rafflecopter Widget to enter. We ask that the winner also writes a short, honest review on Amazon as well after you have tried it. 

Little Squeeze Me Pouch

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Essential Oils to Help Sleep

Oils to Help SleepEver since I started college, I started having trouble sleeping. Once I graduated, it became worse. I don’t think I had a worse time than most, but the ever-running to do list never stopped in my head. I always thought about what else I wanted or needed to get done. After having kids, as exhausted as I was, the sleep still became difficult. Once I fell asleep, usually I was fine, but I would have trouble getting to sleep many nights.

I have tried many of these oils and blends to help sleep, and I have to say that I have had great success both with myself and with my toddlers (Tim usually doesn’t have a problem sleeping).

Lavender has always been my go-to oil for relaxation and sleep, and I will use a pillow spray or even just put some directly in my palms and inhale deeply.

Lavender Pillow Spray

Lately, we have used Valor for our spine and back pain, and it has really helped us to drift off to sleep.

In the twins’ nighttime diffuser, we love our lavender/cedarwood combination.

On nights when Audrey wakes up in the middle of the night very upset and has a hard time settling, we will put a drop of Vetiver on her big toe and rub it in. That usually helps her calm down immediately and settle again for sleep.

I have also loved using my bedtime rub on my chest and back before bed, and it is gentle enough for children as well.

Bedtime Rub

While I haven’t personally used Tranquil or RutaVala, there are so many people on my team that love them and use them often for their families’ sleep issues. I always say to use what you have, and since we have found oils that work for us, we haven’t branched out into those other oils just yet.

What do you use to help you drift off to sleep?


12 and 6 and 2 Years

12 years ago, Tim and I were high school seniors, about to start at Virginia Tech and Vanderbilt in the fall. But we had an undeniable attraction to each other, so we decided to “date casually” (we didn’t truly understand what that meant then or now, but it felt safer than actual “dating” when we were about to go off to college). That “dating casually” lasted 2 days, when we decided that we just wanted to be together as “boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Dory and Tim 2005

We dated a LOOOOONG time… continuously through the first year when we had a long-distance relationship and then the next 3 years of college when I transferred to VT (no break-ups through all of it!), and into grad school for me and Tim’s job. 4.5 years after we started dating, Tim proposed. A year and a half later we got married… On April 4. On our “casual dating” anniversary.

Dory and Tim 2009

The first week in April will always be special for us. On April 4, 2003 (12 years ago), we started dating. On April 4, 2009 (6 years ago), we got married. On April 5, 2013 (2 years ago), we found out I was pregnant (only to be surprised later that it was twins).

Starting tomorrow, we will have been married longer than we dated. Crazy to think, but also it feels like there has never been a time that we weren’t together. I love you so much, Tim! Thank you for your selflessness, your love, your support. Thank you for being the best daddy to Audrey and David. Thank you for providing so much for us and for allowing me to stay at home with our kids and also work on my business ventures. You are my rock. I love you so much! Happy anniversary!

Dory and Tim 2014

April Fool’s Day 2015

Are we going to play an April Fool’s Day trick this year? Maybe…

April Fool's Day 2015

Happy April Fool’s Day!!!